Plastic Pellets

Plastic pellets are tiny, disc-shaped granules. They usually measure about a few millimeters in diameter. Manufactured by companies like Poly Material Services Inc., these plastic pellets are considered to be an industrial raw material. Most of the consumer products made out of plastic are comprised of plastic pellets that are melted down, molded, and then remolded into shape as required.

Our Pelletizing Process

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Poly Material search and select the proper plastic material according to our needs, the most common are HDPE and PP, most of them are Post-Consumer Plastic.

Crushing/Grinding and Washing

The material is processing on a crusher to get the flakes, the flakes are washing, drying and sorting to eliminate the dirty, other materials and colors.


The the flakes are pelletized on this process the material is melting, pass trough filters to eliminate.


The material is packed and shipped to our customers, they will create new products.

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